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European Inland Waterways - Nations Unies

DATE DE SORTIE: 31/12/1994
ISBN: 92-1-016299-4
AUTEUR: Nations Unies

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...afety: minimum level of training of seafarers ... PDF Study on the integration of inland waterway transport in ... ... ... Translations in context of "inland waterways" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: european inland waterways, inland waterways of international importance, the european code for inland waterways, main inland waterways Sea and inland waterways ports, and their related activities can generate high noise levels originating from the different primary sources. These can be broadly divided in to those wit ... Maps & Fleet | Inland Navigation Europe ... . These can be broadly divided in to those within the given port's area and those outside this area but closely related to the operation of the port and its particular components. The former primary sources mainly include shipping, cargo handling, and ... INE and the European Inland Waterway Transport Platform organised an information sharing workshop on ongoing digital developments important for inland waterways and multimodality. hover . Naiades programme for post-COVID growth 12 May 2020. Inland navigation and port organisations call on the Commission to prepare future Naiades as growth-oriented COVID-19 recovery programme. hover. COVID-19 ... EFIP brings together nearly 200 inland ports and port authorities in 18 countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Serbia and Ukraine. EFIP highlights and promotes the role of European inland ports as real intermodal nodal points in the transport and logistic chain, combining inland waterway transport with rail, road, and maritime transport. Inland waterways transport, on European corridors, has always been a competitive alternative to road and rail transport, ensuring a more sustainable environment friendly mode in terms of harmful gas emission, energy consumption, and noise. For the record, more than 37000 kms of inland waterways in the continent connect hundreds of industrial belts and cities, particularly in Western Europe ... Innovation driven Collaborative European Inland Waterways Transport Network. Fact Sheet . Project information. IW-NET. Grant agreement ID: 861377. Status. Ongoing project Start date. 1 May 2020. End date . 30 April 2023. Funded under: H2020-EU.3.4. Overall budget: € 8 302 733,75. EU contribution. € 8 302 733,75. Coordinated by: INSTITUT FUR SEEVERKEHRSWIRTSCHAFT UND LOGISTIK Germany ... European Waterways barge cruising deals. Hotel-barge cruise ships of European Waterways carry between 6 and 20 passengers. They also provide tandem sailings to accommodate up to twenty guests. Cruises are promoted as being unique from other tours as they provide the inland cruising vacationers with views and access to areas which, on a bus tour ... In the process, various concrete innovations for European inland waterways transport are being developed and tested. The 36-month project, which is part of the "Horizon 2020" funding programme, is ... Traduzioni in contesto per "European inland waterway" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: The different social environment, different work activities and seasonal nature of this sub-sector of the European inland waterway transport sector are reflected in differences in the way in which work is organised....