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Professional ADO 2.5 Programming - Brian Matsik

DATE DE SORTIE: 25/03/2000
ISBN: 1-86100-275-0
AUTEUR: Brian Matsik

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The release of ADO revolutionized data access by providing a universal means of accessing data from both relational and non-relational sources. ADO has been growing steadily in functionality since its inception: ADO 2.1 added extensions for data definition and security, and support for multi-dimensional data. ADO 2.5, released with Windows 2000, adds even more functionality, including two completely new objects for manipulating streams of text or binary data, and for managing objects within the file system. It also includes an improved data provider for accessing web resources. This book will cover in depth all aspects of programming with ADO 2.5, and provide you with all the information you need to exploit this exciting new technology to the full in your data-centric applications.Who is this book for?Professional ADO 2-5 is aimed at developers who want to build their knowledge of ADO and use it to develop applications. You will find practical, reusable code, together with real-world examples and a case study. SQL Server is the principal example database used, and familiarity with ADO is assumed. Most of the examples are in VB although you'll find some examples in JavaScript, VBScript and C++.What does this book cover?• The new ADO 2.5 objects• Accessing data sources such as folders and files• Data manipulation with XML• Data shaping• Building custom OLE DB providers• Performance aspects of ADO• ADOMD and ADOX• Directory Services

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