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Mac OS X for Windows Users. A Switcher's Guide - David Coursey

DATE DE SORTIE: 28/03/2003
ISBN: 0-321-16889-5
AUTEUR: David Coursey

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In early 2002, long-time Windows user and respected industry pundit David Coursey made the switch from Windows to the Macintosh, and in this guide David walks you through how to successfully make the move. In this concise, insightful, and practical guide, written from a Windows user's point of view, David helps you move successfully from Windows to the Mac. He brings real-world advice and insights garnered not only from his own experience but also from hundreds of interviews with other Windows users who have taken the leap.

... the time. These can be highly creative ... 5 beginners tips for Windows users switching to Mac ... ... Here's a short guide to help Windows users get to grip with OS X Mavericks and their Mac. Turn it on You've started the Mac and entered all the information you get asked for the first time you launch. And here to prove it is Windows guru and CNET commentator David Coursey with Mac OS X for Windows Users: A Switcher's Guide. In this volume, Coursey draws on the experiences of real-world switchers to frame his own straightforward instructions on how to use Mac OS X. There's a lot involved in moving to a ... Mac OS X for Windows users : a switchers' guide (Book ... ... . There's a lot involved in moving to a new operating system-files to be ported, software to learn, Internet and connectivity ... Mac tips for Windows switchers. Learn how to perform some common tasks on your new Mac. Right click . Click the right corner of your Apple mouse, or click with two fingers on your Apple trackpad. You can change this in Mouse preferences and Trackpad preferences. Scroll, swipe, click. Settings for scroll direction, swipe gestures, and button assignments are also in Mouse and Trackpad ... Get this from a library! Mac OS X for Windows users : a switchers' guide. [David Coursey] -- You heard the buzz and made the switch: You'...