Corporation and Society Research Studies in Theory and Measurement

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Preston, Lee E. is the author of 'Corporation and Society Research Studies in Theory and Measurement' with ISBN 9781559382229 and ISBN 1559382228.
Preston, Lee E.

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...: Educational research, New Delhi: NCERT 1968 ... Rasch analysis of the General Self-Efficacy Scale in a ... ... . Agarwal R. A study of self disclosure and Academic Achievement as related to self concept and parent child relationship among major castes with special ... Corporation and society, Corporation and stakeholders, The social contract between stakeholders and society, Future and future society, Integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. Utilization of natural resources, Competiti ... Theory and Measurement in Social Capital Research ... ... . Utilization of natural resources, Competition between itself and other organizations in the market, Creation of employment ... Objectives: Naming assessment is a core component of neuropsychological evaluation, particularly in the surgical work up for patients with pharmacologically refractory epilepsy. Specifically, naming deficits are typically associated with left, but not right hemisphere epilepsy, thereby assisting with lateralization of seizure onset. Attachment theory: Retrospect and prospect. In Bretherton, I. & Waters, E. (Eds.), Growing points of attachment theory and research (pp. 3 - 35). Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 50. Social cognitive theory (SCT) is a psychological model of behavior that asserts that learning occurs through observation within a social context. According to SCT, people observe the behaviors of others and the resulting consequences and use those observations to inform their own behaviors. The theory emerged largely from the work of Albert Bandura. According to Bandura, SCT is founded on ... T he present handbook provides a summary of some of the best multicultural instrumentation, theorizing, and research in the social, behavioral, and health-related fields. Based on our inclusion criteria, summarized in Chapter 1, this text offers a fairly comprehensive compendium of empirically supported multicultural instrumentation that spans the following measurement subject areas ... The development of international standards for measurement and evaluation of public relations ... public relations and corporate communication: A review. Sydney, NSW: Australian Centre for Public Communication, University of Technology Sydney. Acknowledgements . The author would like to acknowledge that parts of this report have been published in . Public Relations Inquiry (Sage Publications ... Good design, theory, and measurement all play critical roles. Carefully designed quasi-experimental evaluations, involving the use of comparison groups, should be considered whenever possible. -193- The main strength of this study is the use of a modern test theory approach - Rasch analysis - to investigate the psychometric properties of the GSE, an instrument widely used in research related to health and quality of life. In addition, the study was based on a sample of persons with morbid obesity with a high participation rate and relatively little missing data, thereby minimizing the ... Our Research Responding to the Covid-19 crisis. All areas of MiSoC research are relevant to and will be impacted by the repercussions of the current coronavirus pandemic. Here our researchers outline how their current and future work can provide valuable evidence for the policy response to the evolving situation. Ethnic and racial harassment of minorities. Health, social and economic ... The goals of the workshop are to discuss Rasch measurement theory and classical test theory and how they can complement one another when evaluating clinical outcome assessments. Specific objectives are to: (1) describe basic concepts of classical test theory and how it can be used to measure reliability and validity; (2) detail introductory concepts and how/when to use Rasch measurement theory ... The measurement of language preference and proficiency also varies across studies. Notably, studies are inconsistent in using language measures: some studies use them as continuous variables and others as categorical variables. Many prefer the categorical approach. For example, 1 study compared those who spoke English most often against those who spoke some other language most often. This review examines recent theoretical and empirical developments in the leadership literature, beginning with topics that are currently receiving attention in terms of research, theory, and practice. We begin by examining authentic leadership and its development, followed by work that takes a...