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Global Trends in Public Sector Reform - Michiel S. De Vries

DATE DE SORTIE: 04/12/2012
ISBN: 978-2-8027-3985-2
AUTEUR: Michiel S. De Vries

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Have the underlying ideas behind New Public Management (NPM) been forgotten? This book investigates whether this idea is reflected in the real world of public administration or if it is mere wishful thinking. The investigations in this volume comprise studies of not only European countries, but also major Asian, African and Latin-American countries, that is, countries of which much less is known regarding the developments in Public Administration reform. It provides the reader with a remarkable overview of what is actually happening in countries all over the world. More importantly, the chapters provide ample information which is indicative for an answer to the question raised above: What has remained of NPM and what is the role of NPM tools in public administration today?

...estment programmes were launched after the New Industrial Policy of 1991 ... Government & Public Services| Deloitte ... . The New Industrial Policy, which acts as core policy behind economic reforms, has brought extensive changes in the working of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). PUBLIC SECTOR TRENDS 3 Dr. Richard Boyle is Head of Research, Publishing and Corporate Relations with the Institute of Public Administration. He has written extensively on public service reform and on the evaluation of public services. Foreword 5 Selected findings 6 1. Introduction 9 2. The size, cost and ... SAGE Books - Public Sector Reform: Rationale, Trends and ... ... . Foreword 5 Selected findings 6 1. Introduction 9 2. The size, cost and inputs of the public sector 10 3. types of public sector reform in the 1980s and 90s. The objectives are to improve the quality of public services, reduce the drain on the ex-chequer, improve the efficiency of public organizations, and create an environment conducive for private sector investment as a result of the reversal of socialist policies of the 1960s and 70s. Developing countries like Mauritius have been slower to ... Introduction: Challenges of Public Sector Reform giovanni tria and giovanni valotti 00A-2288-5 INTRO:0496-6 5/31/12 1:55 PM Page 1. be effective. Uncertainty increases the risk of failure of an ... Public Sector Reform. With the impact of the global recession continuing to squeeze and reshape economies around the world, public administrators are facing up to the challenging task of developing more innovative solutions to protect essential public service delivery frameworks and buffer the public sector reform process in the face of deep financial cuts. Understanding public sector reforms: Global trends and diverse agendas. In A. B. L. Cheung & J. C. Y. Lee (Eds.), Public sector reform in Hong Kong: Into the 21st century (pp. 29-53). Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press. Public Service Reforms - Trends, Challenges and Opportunities Naresh C. SAXENA . 1 Public Service Reforms - Trends, Challenges and Opportunities NC Saxena1 Contents Need for reforms 2 Merit-based recruitment 3 The new public management (NPM) 4 Reforms in Brazil 5 Whole-of-government approach 6 Improving accountability 8 Performance evaluation system 8 Programme delivery through results ... For public sector reforms to be fully effective, they need to adopt gender equality as a key objective. UN Women advocates for and aids the achievement of this goal, in areas including budget reform, service delivery, and the decentralization of resources and services from the national to the local level. One primary strategy entails developing capacities among local and national officials to ... What are the key trends, challenges, and opportunities that may impact the government and public services this year? Dan Helfrich, leader of Deloitte's Government & Public Services practice, offers his take on what's big for government in 2019. He discusses five important trends he sees and explains what they mean for government agencies, and how they can be applied to enhance efficiency ......