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STATISTICAL MECHANICS SYSTEMS.- Volume 1, Closed-form and exact solutions, 2nd edition - George-M Bell

DATE DE SORTIE: 09/03/1999
ISBN: 3-540-64437-7
AUTEUR: George-M Bell

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This two-volume work provides comprehensive study of the statistical mechanics of lattice models. It introduces the reader to the main areas in statistical mechanics and the theory of phase transitions. The development is built on a firm mathematical and physical basis. Volume 1 contains an account of mean-field and cluster variation methods successfully used in many applications in solid-state physics and theoretical chemistry as well as an account of exact results for the Ising and six-vertex models and those derivable by transformation methods. Volume 2 includes extensive treatments of scaling theory, algebraic and real-space renormalization group, methods and the eight-vertex model. It also includes an account of series methods and a treatment of dimmer assemblies.

...s to their classical/quantum mechanical underpinnings, and that is the specialized business of ergodictheory ... Introduction to Statistical Mechanics: Solutions to ... ... . 1. Model system assembled from binary sub-systems. Consider68 the simple Section 1 addresses probability theory which will be used in the other sections. Section 2 is devoted to equilibrium statistical mechanics based on classical mechanics because quantum effect is rare in polymer viscoelasticity. Section 3 deals with Brownian motion which is the core of polymer motion in solution and molten states. Th ... Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Systems - Volume 1 ... ... . Section 3 deals with Brownian motion which is the core of polymer motion in solution and molten states. The science of statistical mechanics is concerned with defining the thermodynamic properties of a macroscopic sample in terms of the properties of the microscopic systems of which it is composed. The aim of this book is to provide a clear, logical, and self-contained treatment of equilibrium statistical mechanics starting from Boltzmann's two statistical assumptions, and to present a wide ... Purchase Axiomatics of Classical Statistical Mechanics, Volume 11 - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN 9781483167305, 9781483194783 Problem 2.3: Electromagnetic radiation in an evacuated vessel of volume V at equilibrium with the walls at temperature T (black body radiation) behaves like a gas of photons having internal energy U =aVT 4 and pressure P =(1 = 3)aT 4 , where a is Stefan's constant. What is Statistical Mechanics? Roman Frigg Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics, UK Forthcoming in Carlos Galles, Pablo Lorenzano, Eduardo Ortiz, and Hans-Jörg Rheinberger (eds.): History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems Volume 4, Isle of Man: Eolss. A simple derivation of the Bloch equation is also presented, along with the statistical mechanics of stellar systems. Comprised of eight chapters, this volume begins with a discussion on the occupation number representation by considering some relevant formulae from ensemble theory. Classical petit and grand ensembles are described, together with quanta1 petit and grand ensembles. Subsequent ... Statistical mechanics, branch of physics that combines the principles and procedures of statistics with the laws of both classical and quantum mechanics, particularly with respect to the field of thermodynamics.It aims to predict and explain the measurable properties of macroscopic systems on the basis of the properties and behaviour of the microscopic constituents of those systems....