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Spécification technique Hydrometric determination- Measuring river velocity ans discharge with acoustic Doppler system - AFNOR

DATE DE SORTIE: 01/11/2005
ISBN: 5552002200445

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...urrent Profilers By David S. Mueller1, Chad R ... PDF Experiment of Flow Measurement Methods ... . Wagner2, and Michael F. Winkler3 Report formatted consistent with USGS guidelines. Report to be reformatted and published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The applicability of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and the adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) for determination of mean velocity and discharge of natural streams is investigated. The 2,184 field data obtained from four different sites on the Sarimsakli and Sosun streams in central Turkey were used in the study. ANNs and ANFIS models use the inputs, water ... How Streamflow is Measured - USGS ... . ANNs and ANFIS models use the inputs, water surface velocity and ... Emerging Hydrometric Techniques for Discharge Estimation and Rating Curve Development ..... Overview River flow measurements at the desired site is of utmost importance for river engineers and hydrologists for water resources planning and management, and for various operational purposes such as flood forecasting, reservoir operation and flood inundation studies. To circumvent the continuous ... Flow & Discharge. Measuring water flow and discharge to determine the amount of water flowing through an open channel is critical for predicting water availability and flood events, allocating watering, and more. OTT Hydromet has been a leader in flow meter technology for over 100 years, from the first mechanical current meters to advanced acoustic Doppler technology used today, and offers a ... Take repeat velocity readings at each site, such as left-hand side, centre and right-hand side of the channel. Calculate the mean velocity. You can measure velocity and discharge using the float method. You need a 10m tape measure, a float (i.e. something that floats and is brightly coloured, such as an orange) and a stopwatch. You also need at ... Experimental methods for river discharge measurements: comparison among tracers and current meter A. Tazioli Università Politecnica delle Marche, Dep. SIMAU, Via Brecce Bianche 60131 Ancona, Italy [email protected] Received 10 June 2010; accepted 14 April 2011; open for discussion until 1 April 2012 Citation Tazioli, A. (2011) Experimental methods for river discharge measurements ... In hydrology, discharge is the volumetric flow rate of water that is transported through a given cross-sectional area. It includes any suspended solids (e.g. sediment), dissolved chemicals (e.g. CaCO 3 (aq)), or biologic material (e.g. diatoms) in addition to the water itself.. Synonyms vary by discipline. For example, a fluvial hydrologist studying natural river systems may define discharge ... ISO 15769:2010(en) × ISO 15769:2010(en) ... Feasibility of Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meters for the Production of Discharge Records from US Geological Survey Gaging Stations, US Geological Survey Water Resources Investigations Report 01-1457 [13] R uhl, C.A. and S impson, M. (2005), Computation of Discharge Using the Index Velocity Method in Tidally Affected Areas, US Geological Survey ... However, we cannot overlook the considerable potential for large errors inherent to the duplex ultrasound-based approach for flow quantification such as those associated with measuring the mean Doppler shift (ie, mean blood velocity), vessel area, or Doppler angle. 28 Until more advanced and promising ultrasound-based techniques for quantifying volumetric flow are commercially available (eg ... A stream gauge, streamgage or gauging ... This analysis uses a velocity sensor, often either magnetic or acoustic, to measure the velocity of the flow at a particular location in the stream cross section. Once again, discrete measurements of streamflow discharge are made by the technician or hydrologist at a variety of stages. For each discrete determination of streamflow discharge, the mean ......