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Meshfree and Particle Based Approaches in Computational Mechanics - Piotr Breitkopf

DATE DE SORTIE: 01/01/2004
ISBN: 1-903996-45-7
AUTEUR: Piotr Breitkopf

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The meshfree approach is one of many recent and continuing developments in the field of computational mechanics, which are used as tools in a number of complex and sophistated techniques. These techniques are applied to a wide range of subject areas such as applied mathematics, materials science, damage mechanics, hydrodynamics, fluid-structure interaction, fluid mechanics, meshes, numeric modelling, finite elements, and civil engineering. In recent years, methods have been developed whose objective is to get rid of mesh constraints. The research into this topic is still ongoing, but it is thought that the development of meshfree approaches might lead to a new generation of computational methods in engineering and applied science. This publication covers a selective list of approaches and sensibilities. It includes formulations based on Moving Least Squares, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics and Generalized Finite Differences combined with applications in acoustics, fluid and solid mechanics, as well as numerical and experimental data smoothing.

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