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Alternative Logics- Do Sciences Need Them ? - Paul Weingartner

DATE DE SORTIE: 01/01/2004
ISBN: 3-540-40744-8
AUTEUR: Paul Weingartner

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Initially proposed as rivals of classical logic, alternative logics have become increasingly important in sciences such as quantum physics, computer science, and artificial intelligence. The contributions collected in this volume address and explore the question whether the usage of logic in the sciences, especially in modern physics, requires a deviation from classical mathematical logic. The articles in the first part of the book set the scene by describing the context and the dilemma when applying logic in science. In Part II the authors offer several logics that deviate in different ways from classical logics. The twelve papers in Part III investigate in detail specific aspects such as quantum logic, quantum computation, computer-science considerations, praxic logic, and quantum probability. Most of the contributions are revised and partially extended versions of papers presented at a conference of the same title of the Académie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences held at the Internationales Forschungszentrum Salzburg in May 1999. Others have been added to complete the picture of recent research in alternative logics as they have been developed for applications in the sciences.

...andard logical systems such as propositional and predicate logic ... About | The Logic of Science ... . There are several ways in which this is done, including by way of extensions, deviations, and variations. The aim of these departures is to make it possible to construct different models of logical consequence and ... Well, classical logic is a correct logic. Not the correct one. This, however, simply means that we can find such an interpretation (semantics, to be precise, i.e. the way we understand connectives and types of meanings we a ... Alternative Logics. Do Sciences Need Them? (eBook, 2004 ... ... .e. the way we understand connectives and types of meanings we ascribe to other symbols)... Science isn't solely empirical. You cannot simply collect and analyze data if you want to predict and explain the workings of the universe. Every person on the planet can predict that the sun will rise tomorrow in the east (ok, it doesn't "rise" b... The ways in which multiple institutional logics "focus attention" in different kinds of situations and their contingent effects in reproducing or transforming them is going to require, as the authors note, further specification (100, 118). It is precisely in such situations, where rival vocabularies are at play and reference is contested, that will and force, identity as subjective ... In science, your evidence needs to come from the peer-reviewed literature, and you need to look at the entire body of literature, rather than cherry-picking, and for topics like politics and current events, you should get your information from multiple reputable news outlets. Don't accept the first source you come across. Rather, cross-reference it using multiple other sources and see if ... Mission statement Teach critical thinking. Explain how science works and why it is reliable. Use critical thinking to defend science against the numerous logically flawed attacks that are hurled at it. About this blog We live in a fantastic world with countless technological marvels that were all brought to us courtesy of modern science. We… sophical problems pertaining to science so as to give them rigor and precision, and in some cases, to solve them defini-tively. There are too many different cases to provide a helpful overview, so I will discuss several examples that I have found especially telling concerning the value of logic. I will take up two issues concerning definability and one issue in epistemol-ogy. They concern ... The Role of Logic in Philosophy of Science Diderik Batens Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science Ghent University, Belgium [email protected] March 8, 2006 Introduction For Logical Empiricism logic was the clue to separating sound reasoning from unsound reasoning and this separation was fundamental, flrst for understanding science, and next for demarcating science. So logic, formal ... Most of them suggest that Science and science "need to do a better job at telling its stories." I don't buy it. For more than a century, this journal has been delivering insightful and reliable scientific information; today, our articles have the highest readership ever. Sure, we can do a better job of simplifying messages and making them accessible to more people. There is always room for ... This chapter focuses on alternative logics. It discusses a hierarchy of logical reform. It presents case studies that illustrate particular aspects of the logical revisionism discussed in the chapter. The first case study is of intuitionistic logic. The second case study turns to quantum logic, a system proposed on empirical grounds as a resolution of the antinomies of quantum mechanics. Alternative Logics. VII. Set Theory. Glossary Church-Turing Thesis: Claim that ev-ery computable function can be computed by a Turing machine. Computability theory: Study of com-putable functions on the natural numbers. Continuum hypothesis: Conjecture that there are only two sizes of infinite sets of real numbers. Database: Finite, typically relational structure. First order logic ... Alternative sources of energy are critical to maintaining health both on the earth's surface and under the ground. Alternative sources of energy are our future. Reality should drive everyone to do their part in reducing pollution. Sometimes small steps in energy usage go a long way in helping the planet to recover from the wounds we have ... If you do decide that attending an alternative high school is the right choice, or even if you just want more information on what your options are, read the next section on how to select the best alternative high school for you. Choosing whether to attend an alternative high school can take a lot of thought in order to make the right decision. What are Institutional Logics - and Where is the Perspective Taking Us? Article (PDF Available) in Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2015(1):14380-14380 · January 2015 with 3,601 Reads Why a Philosophy of Social Science? ... First, we need to identify the methods of science, and second, we need to identify the limits on what questions these methods can address. Delineating these methods and deciding on these questions are matters that no one...