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Quantum Phase Transitions - Subir Sachdev

DATE DE SORTIE: 01/04/2011
ISBN: 978-0-521-51468-2
AUTEUR: Subir Sachdev

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...cepts of phase transitions and discusses the interplay of quantum and classical fluctuations near criticality ... quantum phase transition - Traduction française - Linguee ... . The main part of the ... Quantum Phase Transitions, Sachdev, Subir, Cambridge University Press. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . Quantum phases are quantum states of matter at zero temperature. Even at zero temperature a quantum-mechanical system has quantum fluctuations and therefore can still support phase transitions. As a physical parameter is varied, quantum fluctuations can drive a phase transition into a different phase ... Quantum phase transition - Wikipedia ... . As a physical parameter is varied, quantum fluctuations can drive a phase transition into a different phase of matter. An example of a canonical quantum phase transition is the well-studied ... quantum phase transitions, and could serve as a reference for both theorists and experimentalists interested in the field. In Sec. 2 we start with summarizing the basics of finite-temperature phase transitions, extend those general concepts to T = 0 highlighting the interplay between classical and quantum fluctuations near a quantum critical point, and illustrate the correspondence between ... Quantum phase transitions arise in many-body systems because of competing interactions that promote rivaling ground states. Recent years have seen the identification of continuous quantum phase transitions, or quantum critical points, in a host of antiferromagnetic heavy-fermion compounds. Studies of the interplay between the various effects have revealed new classes of quantum critical points ... Quantum phase transitions (QPT) are phase transitions at temperature T = 0 which occur upon varying a non-thermal control parameter (such as pressure, magnetic eld, or chemical composition). A QPT implies non-analytic behavior of the ground-state energy as function of the control parameter. As there are no thermal uctuations at zero temperature, a QPT is apparently driven by \quantum ... Title: Quantum phase transitions 1 Quantum phase transitions of correlated electrons and atoms Subir Sachdev Harvard University Course at Harvard University Physics 268r Classical and Quantum Phase Transitions. MWF 10 in Jefferson 256 First meeting Feb 1. Quantum Phase Transitions Cambridge University Press 2 Outline Such quantum phase transitions can be first-order phase transition or continuous. To understand quantum phase transitions, it is useful to contrast them to classical phase transitions (CPT) (also called thermal phase transitions). A CPT describes a cusp in the thermodynamic properties of a system. It signals a reorganization of the particles; A typical example is the freezing transition of ... Quantum Phase Transitions details the fundamental changes that can occur in the macroscopic nature of matter at zero temperature due to small variations in a given external parameter. The author develops the theory of quantum phase transitions in the simplest possible class of nondisordered, interacting systems--the quantum Ising and rotor models. He pays particular attention to their non-zero ... quantum phase transition...