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DATE DE SORTIE: 10/06/1999
ISBN: 3-540-65645-6
AUTEUR: R Belusevic

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The neutral K meson, or neutral kaon, K°, and its antiparticle form a remarkable quantum mechanical two-state system that has played an important role in the history of elementary particle physics. Indeed, ever since the discovery of K° half a century ago, neutral kaons have been a rich source of unique and fascinating phenomena associated with their production, decay and propagation in both vacuum and matter. This overview conveys the unique beauty of a quantum-mechanical system that contains so many of the aspects of modern physics.

...xing from a bubble chamber image. The strangeness of the neutral meson appears to change during the ight between creation and decay ... KAONMEDIA ... . Bell inequalities for neutral kaons. The neutral K-mesons or simply kaons are bound states of quarks and anti-quarks or more precis the strangeness state +1, K0, is composed of an... 2 Neutral kaons. The cross-generation weak interactions result in the non-unit Cabibbo matrix and this allows the K0 and K0 to oscillate; the ds and sd states can change into each other via a second order... Neutral kaons mainly decay via weak interactions into two or three pions. Pions are the lightest mesons, they consist only of u ... PDF Neutral kaon mixing ... ... Neutral kaons mainly decay via weak interactions into two or three pions. Pions are the lightest mesons, they consist only of up- and down-quarks. Each pion has a CP eigenvalue of -1... 7 The neutral kaon system. From the discovery of the KL0 to CP violation, 1956-1967. The development of the concept of strangeness created something of a puzzle: What is the nature of the... Neutral Meson Mixing. •Second order weak interactions can mix long-lived neutral mesons with their. • e.g. take the neutral kaons K0 K̅0 as an example neutral kaons free from the detection loophole requires a few % strangeness detection efficiencies. and very high efficiencies for the detection of the kaon decay products. Neutral Kaons. ● The K0 and K0 are eigenstates of the strong interaction. ■ These states have definite strangeness, are not CP eigenstates ■ They are particle/anti-particle. The neutral K meson or neutral kaon, K0, and its antiparticle, K(bar)0, form a remarkable quantum-mechanical two-state system th...