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High-Performance Polymers. Chemistry and applications, Tome 3, Polyimides in electronics - Guy Rabilloud

DATE DE SORTIE: 01/10/2000
ISBN: 2-7108-0720-3
AUTEUR: Guy Rabilloud

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Since their discovery forty years ago, heat resistant polymers have been studied worldwide as substitutes for metal parts in the aerospace industry and as alternate materials in the fabrication, assembly and packaging of semiconductor components. The purpose of this book is to review the current status of high performance polymers, in particular polyimides, in the electronics industry. The main topics include an overview of the polymers that are used for optical lithography, semiconductor encapsulation, packaging, flexible circuitry and conformal coatings. The development of new polyimides that meet the stringent requirements of electronic devices and high density interconnect modules has been based on improved knowledge of the relationship between structure and properties. This aspect is examined for electrical and optical properties, adhesive strength, thermal expansion and mechanical stresses, as well as for moisture and solvent diffusion. A separate chapter is devoted to the chemistry of negative and positive photosensitive polyimides, because of the exceptional development of these polymers as buffer coatings and interlayer dielectrics. Attention is also paid to process parameters used for deposition techniques, cure cycles and etching methods. This includes a discussion of the analytical models developed to explain spin coating and planarization, both of which are important technical and reliability factors in the fabrication of multilevel interconnects. Polyimides are currently used as alignment layers in the manufacture of liquid crystal display devices. Consequently, this book provides in-depth information on electro-optical effects in liquid crystals, device construction, the chemistry of polyimide alignment films and techniques used to obtain homogeneously oriented liquid crystal molecules. Among the other applications of polyimides, the fabrication of multichip modules, polyimide waveguides, nonlinear optical components, microsensors and microactuators are reviewed in relation to polyimide chemistry and process flow. This is a general reference book for materials scientists, polymer chemists, manufacturers of electronic and optoelectronic devices, and process engineers. It is also a textbook for libraries of major chemical and semiconductor companies, research institutions, government laboratories and universities.

...of such high performance materials needed in advanced technologies ... Soluble Polyimides Containing Benzimidazole Rings for ... ... . Topics covered includes: Polyimides Based on 4-4-Diaminotriphenylmethane, BPDA ... Le livre Mon grand cahier d'activités avec le Petit Prince- Avec 25 feuilles d'origamis a été écrit le 12/10/2018 par Guillaume Pô. Vous pouvez lire le livre Mon grand cahier d'activités avec le Petit Prince- Avec 25 feuilles d'origamis en format PDF, ePUB, MOBI sur notre site Web Vous trouverez également sur ce site les autres livres de l' ... High-Performance Polymers. Vol. 3 Polyimides in Electronics ... .be. Vous trouverez également sur ce site les autres livres de l'auteur Guillaume Pô. Découvrez et achetez High-performance polymers., Conductive adhesive... - Guy Rabilloud - Technip sur Vous cherchez un livre La légende de Pendragon au format PDF? Il semble que ce livre se trouve sur notre site Web Vous pouvez lire le livre La légende de Pendragon directement dans votre navigateur! N'est-ce pas parfait. Découvrez et achetez High-performance polymers., 2, Polyquinoxalines... - Guy Rabilloud - Technip sur Electrical Electronics Print Share. Plastics have been an integral part of the electrical and electronics industry. Engineering plastics and high-performance polymers progressively play a critical role in the production of electric & electronic (E/E) components. Taking it a notch ahead, plastics and polymers are now used to manufacture highly conductive, temperature resistant, flexible, fire ... Synthesis and properties of high performance polyimides derived from a novel diamine containing a N -octylcarbazole unit and two 3,5-diarylimidazole groups. High Performance Polymers 2012, 24 (4) , 262-273. DOI: 10.1177/0954008312436704. Major industrial polymers - Major industrial polymers - Polyimides: Polyimides are polymers that usually consist of aromatic rings coupled by imide linkages—that is, linkages in which two carbonyl (CO) groups are attached to the same nitrogen (N) atom. There are two categories of these polymers, condensation and addition. The former are made by step-growth polymerization and are linear in ... Volksen W (1990) Recent advances in polyimides and other high performance polymers. Workshop sponsored by American ... chemistry, applications and performance, future directions. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York Google Scholar. 30. Fukuda A (1996) Phenolic resins. In: Salamone JC (ed) Polymeric materials encyclopaedia. CRC Press, Florida, vol 7, p 5035 Google Scholar. 31. Nair CPR, Bindu ... The Journal of High Performance Polymers is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes the highest quality original research in high performance polymer science and technology.. With a principal focus on molecular structure/processability/property relationships of high performance polymers such as liquid crystalline polymers, aromatic polymers, aramids, hetercyclic polymers, epoxy ... Polyimide films have been widely used as high-performance polymer materials in flexible printed circuit boards, heat-releasing sheets, and organic light-emitting diode displays due to their excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, electric characteristics, and mechanical strength [1,2,3].There has recently been an intense effort to improve the mechanical properties of the polyimide ... Development of new dielectric materials is of great importance for a wide range of applications for modern electronics and electrical power systems. The state-of-the-art polymer dielectric is a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film having a maximal energy density of 5 J/cm3 and a high breakdown field of 700 MV/m, but with a limited dielectric constant (∼2.2) and a reduced breakdown ... Purchase Handbook of Polymer Coatings for Electronics - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN 9780815512356, 9780815517689 The research on advanced functional polymers is being driven by the fast-growing demand for new functional materials that can be used in revolutionary technologies. Polymers can be endowed with functions by using certain special preparation methods or by introducing functional groups or fillers into materials. Thes OnlineFirst. Results: 1 - 20 of 49. Last updated June 22, 2020 Refine Search ; Sort: For selected items: Access Type. Search in. Research Article. research-article Preparation and application of a high-temperature-resistant EVOH-SO 3 Li/PI fiber membrane with self-closing pores. Ze Li. Ze Li . Material Science and Engineering School, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin ... This book describes advances in synthesis, processing, and technology of environmentally friendly polymers generated from renewable resources. With contents based on a wide range of functional monomers and contributions from eminent researchers, this volume demonstrates the design, synthesis, properties and applications of plant oil based polymers, presenting an elaborate review of acid ... 66 High Performance Polymers - Polyimides Based - From Chemistry to Applications 1.1. Classification of polyimides Depending on the polymer chain, the type of hydrocarbon residues and the presenc...