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DATE DE SORTIE: 01/10/1999
ISBN: 1-56032-551-8
AUTEUR: Randall-F Barron

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science and technology of extremely low temperatures, plays a major role in industry and science, especially for medical purposes and space technology. For engineers and scientists working in this field, the transfer of heat to equipment at low temperatures is one of the major concerns. Cryogenic Heat Transfer covers some of the special heat transfer problems that are encountered in the cryogenic temperature range, where there are significant differences from conventional heat transfer problems.Designed for use as a text, topics covered include:• Thermal properties of materials at low temperatures• Special insulations used in cryogenics• Problems of conduction with temperature-dependent material properties• Convection correlations useful in many cryogenic energy conversion systems• Boiling, condensation, and two-phase flow for cryogenic fluids• Heat transfer to solid-liquid mixtures (slush)• Radiation heat transferThroughout the book, example problems are given in each section to illustrate the application of the principles presented. The specific features of heat transfer at cryogenic temperatures (variable properties, near critical convection, Kapitza resistance, etc.) are also included. Extensive references are given for the person interested in further study. Aimed at the reader who has completed an undergraduate engineering heat transfer course, this text is written for students in cryogenic heat transfer, cryogenic systems, and refrigeration. It will also be an excellent reference for practicing engineers to assist them in the design of cryogenic thermal systems.

...eats of Liquids 8 1-3-3 Specific Heat of Solids 10 1-3-4 Electronic Specific Heat 15 1-3-5 Thermal ... Cryogenic Heat Transfer, Second Edition 2, Barron, Randall ... ... ... Full text of "Cryogenic Transfer Line Chilldown" See other formats CRYOGENIC TRANSFER LINE CHILLDOWN N. T. Van Dresar^ and J. D. Siegwarth^ ^NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH 44253, USA ^National Institute of Standards and Technology Boulder, CO 80305, USA ASTRACT The transient behavior of a small-scale cryogenic transfer line was investigated during chilldown to cryogenic temperatures. Quite simply, heat exchangers are designed to transfer heat from one medium to another. Cryogenic ... PDF Cryogenic Heat Transfer - USPAS ... . Quite simply, heat exchangers are designed to transfer heat from one medium to another. Cryogenic heat exchangers are used to cool down elements to prevent volatile substances or equipment from overheating. MCHEs are at the heart of any gas liquefaction plant. A traditional exchanger is a large sized equipment, 16.5 feet in diameter, 180 feet in height, and weighs 500 tons. This large size ... Presents applied heat transfer principles in the range of extremely low temperatures. The specific features of heat transfer at cryogenic temperatures, such as variable properties, near critical convection, and Kapitza resistance, are described. This book includes many example problems, in each section, that help to illustrate the applications of the principles presented. Cryogenic Heat Transfer, Second Edition continues to address specific heat transfer problems that occur in the cryogenic temperature range where there are distinct differences from conventional heat transfer problems. This updated version examines the use of computer-aided design in cryogenic engineering and emphasizes commonly used computer programs to address modern cryogenic heat transfer ......