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Supersymmetry and Supergravity - Julius Wess

DATE DE SORTIE: 01/07/2015
ISBN: 978-0-691-02530-8
AUTEUR: Julius Wess

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... GRAND UNIFIED THEORY: CRITICAL PHENOMENA; GAUGE FIELD THEORY: SU(3) X SU(2) X U(1) POSTULATED PARTICLE: GRAVITINO; MASS ... Supersymmetry, Supergravity, and Unification - ePub - Pran ... ... ... In this new volume Supersymmetry and Supergravity has been greatly expanded to include a detailed derivation of the most general coupling of super-symmetric gauge theory to supergravity. The final result is the starting point for phenomenological studies of supersymmetric theories. The book is distinguished by its pedagogical approach to supersymmetry. It develops several topics in advanced ... JETP ... - Supersymmetry and Supergravity - Wess, Jane A ... ... . The book is distinguished by its pedagogical approach to supersymmetry. It develops several topics in advanced ... JETP Lett. 23 (1976) 58, In *Smolenice 1975, Proceedings, High Energy Particle Interactions, Vol.2*, Bratislava 1976, 367-371 and Dubna Jinr - 9263 (75,REC.JAN 76) 7p Supersymmetry, Supergravity, Superspace and BRST Symmetry in a Simple Model by P. van Nieuwenhuizen (hep-th/0408179, 38 pages) Erice Lectures on "The Status of Local Supersymmetry" by M.J. Duff (hep-th/0403160, 42 pages) Gaugino Condensation and SUSY Breakdown by H.P. Nilles (hep-th/0402022, 36 pages) An Introduction to Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and Matrix Models by R. Argurio, G. Ferretti ... This is in B. Zumino, Supersymmetry and supergravity 127 fact the technique used by Bagger and Witten to derive them. My feeling is that those results are quite general and that supergravity actually cannot be coupled to arbitrary matter systems. An example of this is that coupling to a Fayet-Iliopoulos term does indeed require R-invariance. Another is that, as shown by Bagger and Witten, only ... supersymmetry in our own space-time (4d Minkowski space-time, to a good approx- imation), you can easily move on to other dimensions and other contexts, depending on your needs and interests. COVID-19 campus closures: see options for getting or retaining Remote Access to subscribed content With this volume, one finds a detailed survey of supersymmetry and supergravity theory. Altogether this covers a very important field of research and endeavour in theoretical physics over the past decade. Contents: Introducing Supersymmetry; Supersymmetry; Supersymmetry Confronting Experiment; Supersymmetry and Fundamental Particle Interactions; Supersymmetric Theories of Particles and ... Ideas and Methods of Supersymmetry and Supergravity: Or a Walk Through Superspace provides a comprehensive, detailed, and self-contained account of four dimensional simple supersymmetry and supergravity. Throughout the book, the authors cultivate their material in detail with calculations and full discussions of the fundamental ideas and motivations. They develop the subject in its superfield ... However, supergravity models discovered in 1976 with linearly realized supersymmetry tend to have an easy des...