Southern Legacy Wrestling will tape the first episode of our events for FITE TV on Saturday, January 6th! The episode will be available to view on FITE TV on Tuesday, January 9th (and every Tuesday thereafter). This is an exciting time for SLW. We get to bring our brand of professional wrestling to a worldwide audience and showcase some of the great up and coming stars of the Southeastern United States. Follow us on social media and our official website to keep up to date on everything associated with our promotion. SLW is a family oriented organization that works with our local communities to bring a positive influence of sportsmanship. We strongly encourage an atmosphere of anti-bullying to our local youths as we engage them in ways to deal with these issues. Please join us weekly by watching on FITE TV, and come out to our live events to be a part of the excitement that only SLW can bring!

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Southern Legacy Wrestling was featured on the Anniston Star's "The Daily Home" featuring a deal between SLW & the city of Lincoln, AL to bring SLW events to the area.

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In one of the most shocking moments of the past year, Joey Sartain defeated Steven Michaels to become the new SLW Heavyweight Champion.  Although KP King was handcuffed at ringside to the SLW General Manager to prevent any outside interference, BeatDown Inc had an ace up their sleeve, in the returning Luke Lord, who leveled Steven Michaels with a BeatDown boot to the face.   

BeatDown Inc members Scott Cannon & Luke Lord defeated Dem West GA Boys to become the new SLW Tag Team Champions!  Dem West GA Boys were not medically cleared to wrestle.  However, BeatDown Inc was able to coax them into an impromptu title match.  With a sneak attack from the newest member of the group, Scott Cannon, Dem West GA boys were defeated.

Kacee Carlisle showed up to fight this past weekend.  When her opponent was unable to appear, she took her frustrations out on the referee (Allison Anders).  

SLW General Manager said attacks on SLW officials will not be tolerated.  Miss Carlisle has been suspended and we wish Allison Anders a speedy recovery.


On Saturday April 7, 2018 Cody Windham made history when he became the first ever winner of the Southern Classic Cup Tournament and SLW Television Champion.  8 men battled in a single elimination tournament to cement their place in SLW history.  Congratulations to the Surf City Superstar Cody Windham
LINCOLN, Alabama--Stephen Michaels remained the No. 1 contender for the Southern Legacy Wrestling championship, defeating Johnny Kaos by submission Saturday as SLW made its debut in the Lincoln Community Center.

The expansion into Lincoln marks a new era in the growth of SLW. In recent months, the promotion has added multiple tour dates to its schedule. While many smaller promotions struggle to run monthly shows, SLW’s schedule has grown exponentially, moving from bi-weekly TV tapings in Munford, Alabama, to adding regularly scheduled shows in Glencoe and Lincoln as well.

“We’re always looking to grow,” SLW Commissioner Jack Lord said. “We’re committed to keeping the tradition of Southern wrestling alive and relevant in the 21st Century. One of the ways we’re doing that is by finding new ways to put our product in front of more fans.”

SLW is seen internationally on FITE TV, as well as the Friday Night Network.

“The growth of this promotion has been incredible,” said former SLW champion Johnny Slaughter. “And it’s not just the number of dates we’re running, either. Our roster is getting deeper all the time, and it seems like each new wrestler is tougher and better than the last.”

The promotion is gearing up to the biggest show in its history as Michaels faces current SLW champion Joey Sartain in a cage match on July 7 in Munford. Michaels and Sartain have gone around with one another for months, with Sartain using every method possible to keep Michaels from regaining the championship.

“Tonight was business as usual,” Michaels said. “Johnny Kaos runs his mouth a lot, but he’s tough as nails. I look at guys like him with a professional detachment. How do you defeat someone that size, with that much power? He was just another roadblock on the way to regaining the SLW title. But July 7 in Munford, it’s personal. I’ve finally got Joey Sartain where I want him. And this time, there’s no escape.”

The responsive crowd in Lincoln was appreciative of the action in the ring. In addition to Michaels’ victory, rookie Julius Pryor won a battle royal to secure a TV title shot when SLW returns to the community center on July 28.

“It was an honor to be in there with some great talent,” Pryor said. “Battle royals often come down to luck as much as skill, but my victory wasn’t a fluke. I’m looking forward to cashing in my chance at the TV title on July 28 and carrying the gold out of Lincoln.”

Newcomer Colt Keegan was the last man in the battle royal with Pryor, and looked to have things in hand until Pryor upended him.

“Julius absolutely got lucky,” Keegan said. “He gets a TV title shot, but so what? He’d better watch his back, because this is not over. Not by a long shot.”

Also on the card: Veronica Fairchild and Kaci Dillon’s matchup spiraled out of control, and both women were disqualified for attacking SLW senior referee Bobby Mathews. Security had to escort Dillon back to the locker room after the bout was thrown out.

Jaxon Vile came out on top of a tough scrap with David Ali, and in the opening match, Zachary Shine defeated “the Serpent Dragon” Brandon Whatley.

SLW returns to the Lincoln Community Center on July 28.

LINCOLN, Alabama--Kaci Dillon has become the new SLW Women's Champion

In what was considered an amazing main event of the evening, Kaci Dillon was able to come out on top in a Fatal 5 Way Match to be crowned the Women's Champion.  Now the question that must be answered is......  Is there anyone Woman enough to dethrone her?

SLW returns to the Lincoln Community Center on August 25.

Munford, Alabama--Team Redeemed captures the Tag Team Titles

Team Redeemed members Damon Taz & Johnny Slaughter 
defeated The Wrecking Crew to become the new SLW Tag Team 
champions in front of the near capacity crowd.  The Wrecking
Crew will without a doubt be coming for those titles.  Can Team
Redeemed hold on to them?

The Monster has arrived!

The anticipted Debut of the monster War Machine has arrived!  He made short work of his first opponent in Southern Legacy Wrestling.  After hearing him address the SLW crowd and seeing him in action, two things are clear.  First, this is more than a monster.  He is deliberate and methodical.  Secondly, his opponents are in for the fight of their lives against the towering behemoth.

SLW returns to the Munford Community Center on August 18.

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History is Made!

Saturday September 1st, 2018 was a memorable day for Southern Legacy Wrestling.  The Oxford Civic Center in Oxford, Alabama hosted the 2018 Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony followed by the Frank "The Flame" Barnhill Memorial.  This was the first time wrestling has been held there in over 30 years.  What an amazing night of honoring the class of 2018.

Johnny Slaughter's Flame Cup win is bitter sweet.

Moments after winning the this years Barnhill Cup, 
while celebrating in the ring with his daughter, Johnny 
was interrupted by the emergence of the War Machine 
and his Gathering.  When the smoke cleared, not only 
was Johnny left lying in the middle of the ring, but so 
was the entire Team Redeemed.  At this time we are 
waiting for an update on the condition Extreme Heat 
who was helped to the back unable to put any weight on 
his leg. How will this weekend's event shake out for Team 

SLW returns to the Munford Community Center on September 8.