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Posted 7/1/17
Joey Sartain beat Josh Storm
Hassan Wicker beat Luke Lord and Chris Knox in a 3-way match
Son's of Kaos defeated The Nasty Kritters
Terry Lawler lost to K.P. King
Hustler won against Extreme Heat
Steven Michaels beat Johnny Slaughter to become the new SLW Champion
Georgia Heat pinned The Superstars

Posted 6/30/17
Results for Lafayette Freedom Fest on 6/30/17
Josh Cantrell beat Johnny Kaos by DQ
Drew Game pinned Jason Hampton
Francisco Ciatso defeated Josh Storm
Stormie Lee and Tasha Simone battled to a draw
Johnny Slaughter retained his SLW Championship in a three way match against Joey Sartain and Chris Knox
Georgia Heat beat Son's of Kaos

Posted 6/4/17
Results for Munford Community Center on 6/3/17
Johnny Slaughter by DQ over Johnny Kaos
Hassan Wicker lost to Joey Lightning
Chris Knox beat Extreme Heat
Nasty Kritters beat Steve Plezing & Donnie Primetime
Johnny Slaugter & Joey Sartain lost to Sons of Kaos
Georgia Heat retained the AIWF tag titles by defeating Pretty Great

Posted 5/21/17
Match results for Lafayette Recreation Center on 5/20/17
Joey Sartain beat Pretty Boy Floyd
Hassan Wicker pinned Kameron Kade
Johnny Slaughter beat Brian Alexander
Toy Dotson lost to Adam Jacobs
Georgia Heat retained the AIWF tag titles against Lamar Phillips and Bobby Hayes

Posted 5/7/17
Match results for Munford Recreation Center on 5/6/17
Cabana Man Dan beat Chris Kaos
Extreme Heat pinned Shawn Clark
Joey Sartain defeated Chris Knox
Steven Michaels beat Josh Storm
Lamar Phillips lost to Hassan Wicker
Johnny Slaughter retained the SLW Championship by upsetting Johnny Kaos
Georgia Heat beat Brian Alexander & Pretty Boy Floyd to retain the AIWF World Tag Team Championship

BREAKING NEWS!!! SLW has added a huge fundraising event to our event schedule! We will be at Gardendale Civic Center on Friday, May 26th to raise money for the aTeam, a non-profit organization that helps families with children suffering from cancer. Also on hand will be Shelton Waldrop, who is waging his own war with cancer. Come out and support this worthy cause and show Shelton that you support him!!
Posted 4/16/17
Match results for Lafayette Recreation Center on 4/15/17
1. Joey Sartain won at 3-way match over Chris Nelms and Terry Lawler when he pinned Lawler to become the new Georgia Heritage Champion
2.Kameron Kade pinned Torque
3. Lamar Phillips beat Hassan Wicker
4. Johnny Slaughter beat Johnny Kaos to become the new SLW Champion
5. Toy Dotson defeated Adam Jacobs
6. Georgia Heat beat The Bowser Brothers to become the new AIWF World Tag Team Champions

Posted 4/2/17
Match results for Munford Recreation Center on 4/1/17
1.Scum Kritter pinned Keith Arden
2. Scrub Kritter lost to Steven Michaels
3. Joey Sartain beat The Syrian Assassin
4. Josh Storm over Brian Alexander
5. Johnny Slaugher battled Chris Knox to a draw
6. Johnny Kaos pinned Extreme Heat
7. Joey Sartain won a battle royal

Posted 3/19/17
Match results for Lafayette Recreation Center on 3/18/17;
1. Joey Lightning beat Nate Wilde
2. Joey Sartain pinned K.P. King
3. Adam Jacobs defeated Toy Dotson
4. Brian Alexader over Keith Arden
5. Adam Jacobs by DQ over Johnny Kaos
6. Joel Deaton & Jim Powell defeated Bobby Hayes & Lamar Phillips
Posted 3/16/17
Southern Legacy Wrestling has signed an agreement to appear at the Freedom Festival in Lafayette, Georgia on Friday, June 30th. Come out and celebrate the 4th of July Holiday a few days early!!
The SLW part of the event will be right before big fireworks display! Bring the family out for a great night of fun and excitement!

Posted 3/12/17
Match results for Albertville Middle School on 3/11/17;
1. Jeremiah Plunkett beat Extreme Heat when manager "Fantastic" Phil Fabian interfered.
2. Antonio Garza pinned Kid Kaos.
3. Hassan Wicker knocked out James O'Malley.
4. Johnny Slaughter upended Steven Michaels. 
5. The team of Extreme Heat and Joey Sartain defeated Jeremiah Plunkett and K.P. King.
6. Crimson won a hard fought battle against Johnny Kaos.

Posted 3/5/17
Match results from 3/4/17 in Munford, Alabama:
(Note; the first four matches determined the participants in the main event which crowned the new SLW Champion.)
1. Johnny Slaughter defeated Kid Kaos
2. Joey Sartain pinned K.P. King
3. Johnny Kaos over Scotty Blaze by countout
4. Extreme Heat beat The Syrian Assassin
5. Scum Kritter upended Shawn Clark
6. Brian Alexander cheated his way past Josh Storm
7. Extreme Heat came out as the winner of the Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match to become the SLW Cham