"One the 7th Day God rested and I'm the H8th Day he Hated"

On the 8th Day The 1st Stunt Marshall was born. Generation to Generation the Hate was passed down until this current Hater began wrestling. 

After achieving 2 all state Greco Roman style wrestling titles; Stunt Marshall began professional wrestling saying, "I ain't no amateur". He began his career training on the Haterus Island in North Carolina under the tutelage of Marty Jennetty. When Stunt Marshall's Flat top reached 8 inches he reached the pinnacle of his training and began snapping necks and cashing checks. When asked why is this bio so long Stunt Marshall replied, "There's 2 things you should know. A) No neck is safe. 2) There's nothing short about Stunt Marshall."
Stunt Marshall

        "Member Of The Hate Club"
Height & Weight: 
6'8" to the top of his Hair 
Hate Hundred and Hate-y Hate lbs.

Hails from: Haterus Island, NC

Finishing Maneuver: The Diving Hatebutt (diving headbutt from the top rope)

Titles held: NWA Georgia Jr Heavyweight Champion 
National Syndicate Wrestling Georgia Jr Heavyweight Champion 
Peachstate Tag Team Champion
Background photo by Ashley Bunn