The Nephew of Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Famer Frank The Flame Barnhill, Extreme Heat has wrestling in his blood.  Electrifying crowds since he was  a teenager, Heat is a ring general with the heart of a champion.  If there is a way to win, Extreme Heat can find it!  The Spine Buster has been used by many a wrestlers over the years, but no one seems to be able to hit it out of now where like Extreme Heat.
Extreme Heat

                      "The OTWW Heavyweight Champion"
Height & Weight: 5'10" 240 lbs

Hails from: Pensacola, FL

Finishing Maneuver: 
Spine Buster

Titles held: Multi-time wrestling champion, including a one time SLW Heavyweight Title run and the current OTWW Heavyweight Champion.
Background photo by Ashley Bunn