The "St Louis Slugger" got his start in boxing. After attaining the Golden Gloves boxing award 2 years in a row Cameron Jackson took a vacation to the Haterus Island in North Carolina. He fell in Hate with professional wrestling saying, "Theres no time limit on beating the breaks off of some chump; it's a perfect sport for a juggernaut like me". After modifying his Hater-roll senton bomb to perfection Cameron Jackson has dominated every match, every time, ever.
Cameron Jackson

                   "St Louis Slugger & Member of The Hate Club"
Height & Weight: 6'1" Weighs enough to cave your skull in.

Hails from: 
St Louis, MO

Finishing Maneuver: 
Hater Roll (Vader Senton from the corner)

Titles held: 
National Syndicate Wrestling Georgia Heavyweight Champion 

Peachstate Tag Team Champion 
Background photo by Ashley Bunn